New investor on board!

15/05/2020/by admin

3 x Danish Design Award Finalist!

18/03/2020/by admin

New furniture series launched in CPH

04/06/2019/by admin

Four new security checkpoints installed in Aalborg Airport

01/06/2019/by admin

Air.Go Assistant is a Finalist in Danish Design Award!

25/03/2019/by admin

German Design Award Ceremony

08/02/2019/by admin

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

21/12/2018/by admin

We just won a German Design Award!

03/12/2018/by admin

Winner of DesignEuropa Awards 2018!

27/11/2018/by admin

Air.Go 2.0 live in Bangalore!

16/11/2018/by admin

Air.Go 2.9 finalist in DesignEuropa Awards!

08/10/2018/by admin

Air.Go 2.0 is nominated for a German Design Award!

02/07/2018/by admin

PTE 2018

19/03/2018/by admin

Air.Go 2.0 officially launched in Hamburg Airport!

05/02/2018/by admin

Merry Christmas!

19/12/2017/by admin

Great days in Fort Worth

19/09/2017/by admin

Thank you for visiting us in Vegas!

11/09/2017/by admin

On the red carpet

08/05/2017/by admin

Finalists in Danish Design Award 2017!

05/04/2017/by admin

Busy at PTE

15/03/2017/by admin

Almost ready for PTE!

07/03/2017/by admin

Video from Toronto!

17/02/2017/by admin

Air.Go 2.0 live in Toronto

09/01/2017/by admin

Merry Christmas

23/12/2016/by admin

Air.Go 2.0 on BBC News!

25/10/2016/by admin

Expanded production facilities

03/10/2016/by admin

Ready in Las Vegas

08/09/2016/by admin

Have a nice summer holiday!

14/07/2016/by admin

New addition to the Air.Go family

07/06/2016/by admin

Dubai Airport Show

10/05/2016/by admin

FTE in Amsterdam

26/04/2016/by admin

Danish Design Award ceremony

08/04/2016/by admin

Vote for Air.Go 2.0!

29/03/2016/by admin

Fantastic exhibition in Cologne

17/03/2016/by admin

Nominated for a Danish Design Award!

14/03/2016/by admin

Getting ready for Passenger Terminal EXPO

09/03/2016/by admin

In the studio

04/03/2016/by admin

We are live in Toronto!

15/01/2016/by admin

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

24/12/2015/by admin

Thank you Singapore!

19/11/2015/by admin

Meet us at Future Travel Experience

15/11/2015/by admin
airport europe

Thank you for a succesful Inter Airport Europe

11/10/2015/by admin
DSG BagDrop

Winner of Inter Airport Innovation Award 2015!

06/10/2015/by admin

Getting ready for Inter Airport Europe

04/10/2015/by admin
airport awards

Award for Best Exhibition Stand in Vegas!

11/09/2015/by admin
Marcus Pedersen shipping

We are shipping to North America!

30/07/2015/by admin
marcus pedersen summer

Have a nice summer!

01/07/2015/by admin
airport seating

Video: Symfoni Beat Seating

02/04/2015/by admin

Article: 14 solutions that can help to improve the airport experience today

14/03/2015/by admin

Thank you for a succesful PTE 2015!

13/03/2015/by admin

Keynote speakers in Paris

12/03/2015/by admin

We’re going to Paris

05/03/2015/by admin

Merry Christmas!

22/12/2014/by admin

Three new Air.Go’s are on their way!

05/12/2014/by admin

Article: Products that change the industry

27/11/2014/by admin

The first Air.Go Bag Drop installed in Aalborg Airport!

01/11/2014/by admin

Article in Passenger Terminal World

20/10/2014/by admin